Half and Half

By greenteapanda

April 13, 2007

Category: Entertainment

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Visiting the karaoke parlour, I can read just about all the notices now, which wasn’t true a year ago. There are many notices of varying sizes and shapes, colours and backgrounds, and placements. About half of them relate to the business itself – if it is your birthday, you get extra points on your loyalty card, get a 70% discount for singing during daylight hours, etc. However, the other half have the same message – don’t use drugs. Some of them are don’t use drugs and don’t frequent prostitutes.  Along with phone numbers. Even inside the individual rooms. Somehow, I think people who partake in such things are not going to call the police to turn themselves in from within the same exact room they are doing such things.

I happened to notice this time around (in a larger room), the door did not have locks. Last time, in a smaller room (same karaoke parlor), there were locks. I can only guess that this is so police can enter rooms that are a den of iniquity. Apparently larger rooms are likely to have more people, one of which will report friends who do anything untoward. If you want to do that, choose a smaller room.


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