Removing the best thing about durian

By greenteapanda

April 8, 2007

Category: Food and drink

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Apparently by crossing 90 different types of durian, it has been possible to make a new variety with a very faint smell. Which defeats the purpose, since durian is one of the great social fruits.
Furthermore, there are plans to get rid of the spikes. Somehow, I think that will be more popular with victims of durian bargaining gone wrong.
I don’t see why they want to ruin the durian. If you want a durian without the spikes, smell, and flavour, the jackfruit already gives you that. Jackfruit has roughly the same colour on the outside and inside as a durian. It grows in many places beyond where durians grow as well. But if I have a choice, it will always be the most natural, ripe durian I can find.

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