Three times the speed limit

By greenteapanda

April 4, 2007

Category: Transportation

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I have already talked about many of the traffic laws China has, and how few of them are actually obeyed.
It turns out I am yet another person that disobeys the laws when I am on … my bike.
The speed limit for the bike lane is 15km/h. On my daily commute, I often go well above 30km/h. Sometimes 45 km/h. Sometimes I ride in motor vehicle traffic, though a lot of cars honk like I am holding them up. They are usually the ones going slower than me. It apparently doesn’t occur to them that there are bikes out there that do not fall apart if you exceed walking speed. That, or the fact they don’t like the fact they usually lack the skills to properly drive a car at a speed exceeding that of walking.
Apparently police think that if one can maintain at least 20km/h, then riding a bike in vehicle traffic is OK. But they don’t seem to think anybody can maintain that speed unless they see it with their own eyes.

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