Iran McDonald’s

By greenteapanda

April 3, 2007

Category: Food and drink

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I often come across new mysteries as I search for others. I wasn’t searching for anything related to McDonald’s or Iran, but I happened to run across a comment that Vietnam doesn’t have a McDonald’s, despite having 80 million people. So I looked at a list of countries with McDonald’s, and found the accusation to be true.

But more interesting to me, is that Iran apparently had a McDonald’s location (locations?) for two days back in 1994. A country without diplomatic relations with the US. A country where US culture is probably not well received. So I wondered. Why 2 days? Was it bombed days after opening? Was it a temporary location that moved around the middle east (McDonald’s entered other Middle Eastern countries around the same exact time, though continue to have a presence in those other countries)? Was it a location on a boat that passed through Iran’s territory (there are other McDonald’s locations set on ships, such as in the Mississippi River)?

Alas, I am unable to find any additional info. There is no footnote providing background reading, and other sites do not even mention Iran, or only mention the two day period.


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