The (insect) joke is on me

By greenteapanda

April 1, 2007

Category: Animals

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Every so often, I get insects I normally do not see in my apartment, and furthermore have no idea how they enter my apartment. With the hot weather, it is no surprise for me to have mosquitos that move too quickly for me to kill on the first try. And it is no surprise there are more insects in general.

It wasn’t just mosquitos today though – there were also things that appeared to be fruit flies, spiders, ordinary insects, and some cockroaches. The cockroaches may have come into my apartment through the pipe holes in the floor (since the hole is a bit bigger than the pipe itself, and not sealed). Otherwise, I am not sure how they entered. They were too fat to fit in gaps between cupboard doors. They also appeared not to have gotten anywhere that would have food they could eat.

The ones I saw are now dead, but I am sure whatever the problem is, I haven’t gotten rid of it.


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