Idea for killing mosquitos

From what I have read, the blue light things that kill lots of insects do kill lots of insects, but something like 98% of the mosquitos that actually bite to get blood (which is then used for reproduction) do not fall for the blue-light-insect-killing-apparatus.


Given the amount of technology that goes into so many other things, why hasn’t a company come up with a membrane that simulates the texture of human skin. This membrane could be heated to the human temperature biting mosquitos are sensitive to (this is the main method of mosquitos finding a victim to bite), and it could be scented with whatever blood scent is necessary to fool the mosquito it is human enough to bite. Only instead of this blood being human blood, it will be poison that will cause the mosquito to die.


Given that the subscription method of buying insect repellent is not foolproof and expensive for the vast majority of the world population, this more foolproof method of reducing mosquitos could be quite profitable for its maker.


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