Push to cut back

By greenteapanda

March 22, 2007

Category: Education

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The school has caught onto the fact there are only three people (including myself) at the official intermediate level. It is not called that though. Nor is the advanced level called advanced – only one of the students in that class really has Chinese at an advanced level. Several should be at the high beginner level, but keep getting put into successively higher classes so they do not lose face.
I told my teacher if they want to learn, they should not care about making mistakes or losing face. That is the only way they will learn. If they don’t want to learn, they shouldn’t be attending Chinese classes and complaining if they they will lose face.
As a result, the advanced class (which is really more like another intermediate class) has too many students. Other people only look at the fact the intermediate class I am in only has three students, and amongst those, only one goes to reading class, only one (me) goes to the listening class, etc. So it is "unfair". So they want me, the beneficiary of the fact I have not gone along with the imaginary level placement to reduce the number of classes (partially by pressuring me to drop half of the listening class hours). Not going to happen. I will drop the classes that have too many students instead.
Instead of thinking of crappy solutions, they should have placement tests for the students. Or in the case of those two particularly low students in the advanced class, maybe make a special "Super Ultra Advanced Extreme Class Plus Plus To The Infinite Power Class" so they don’t need to worry about being in a class that has a low name. Everybody else would then also know the class is probably crap, as most things are containing that many superlatives or even just the word ‘extreme’.
I should add that is why I am posting now… right now there is a class with many people I could be attending…

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