Getting what they asked for

By greenteapanda

March 15, 2007

Category: Music

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People are never satisfied with the actions of the RIAA. Instead of going after ISPs, people thought they should go after violators. And so they did. They have sued some people that didn’t even have computers, did not have computers that could run file sharing software, etc.

When they do sue, they try to make the defendant cave well before any sort of decision. But recently, somebody decided to fight, and they won. Furthermore, they asked for attorney’s fees. The RIAA, while using some expensive lawyers, objected, saying the defendant’s lawyers were expensive. So the judge accordingly has told the RIAA to inform the court exactly how much the plantiff pays for its lawyers, publicly, which will likely be quite high.

The Court reviewed authorities holding that an opponent’s attorneys fees are a relevant factor in determining the reasonableness of attorneys fees, quoting a United States Supreme Court case which held that "a party cannot litigate tenaciously and then be heard to complain about the time necessarily spent by his opponent in response" (footnote 11).

Could be useful for other cases, since such knowledge hasn’t been publicly known before.

So, this isn’t exactly relevant to me. I live in China, and with the amount of studying and other things to do, I don’t have time to go around searching for pirated music. In fact, my deciding to continue at the Intermediate level has only increased my workload. The foreign student office wanted me to go to the Advanced level class. That class has 10 people, out of which more than a few definitely do not even live up to the expectations of the Intermediate level class. The Intermediate level class has up to 3 people, including me. In my listening class, it is just me. Great to get the teacher time, but it does mean I have to put in more effort to be completely ready for class.

Also, some of the classes I took last semester are only given at the Advanced level now. So I am taking those in addition to the Intermediate level courses. I have gamed the system, and now I am paying for it – not in money, but in time. I have class everyday (save for the lunch break) from 8am to 5pm (6pm on Friday). Then there is homework.


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