Mixed schedule

By greenteapanda

March 12, 2007

Category: Education

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Before the semester as well as the very beginning, the student office tried to move me into the high level class. I refused – I said that I want to focus on my listening and speaking. Then classes began, and I decided that I wanted to take some of the classes which were mysteriously no longer offered at the Intermediate level. Even accounting for the fact that the reading class is exactly the same this semester (same book, same lessons, but with a less-interesting teacher), I still have a lot more class time this semester than last. 8am to 5pm everyday, except for Tuesday and Friday (which are the more humane 8am-noon). When I add the calligraphy and martial arts, I will have no spare time during the day to do anything.,

So I hope the power outage that has prevented me from doing my homework until now, in the way I wanted to, tonight, does not continue to be a problem on other days. It reminds me of Kunming, but at least then there was a lot of daylight to work with outside of class time.


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