The CIA’s hand in the birth of Japan’s right wing

By greenteapanda

March 6, 2007

Category: Organizations

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I had known about the American government giving indemnity to war criminals in exchange for the scientific research done on quite unlucky Chinese and Korean subjects, but I did not know how the CIA directly helped out people in Japan’s right wing (not getting anything worthwhile as a result.) Still, it is quite interesting how the defense forces now use cartoon characters to project a completely different image than the one from World War II.
    • "This was a bunch of Japanese nationalists taking the G-2 for a ride," said Carol Gluck, a specialist in Japanese history at Columbia University and adviser to the archives working group administering the papers. "One thing that was interesting was how absolutely nonsensical it was, of no use to anybody but the people involved. Almost funny in a way."
    • "In either politics or intelligence work, he is hopelessly lost both by reason of personality and lack of experience," said a CIA assessment from 1954. Another 1954 file says: "Tsuji is the type of man who, given the chance, would start World War III without any misgivings."
    • "When we talk about the emergence of neo-nationalism or a strong right wing in Japan today, this has very deep roots and it involves a very strong element of American support," he said.
From the cartoon article:
"This could only happen in a country that is so open to immaturity," said Rika Kayama, a psychiatrist and author. "Authorities here feel it’s easier and less threatening to use characters to get the public to accept them, rather than explain the facts."
I can only wonder why the US government under Bush hasn’t tried using cartoons to support all their mistakes in recent years’ foreign policy.

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