UV Photography

By greenteapanda

March 3, 2007

Category: Hobbies

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Some of you know that my main camera is a Nikon D70. It is three years old, and I’ve taken over 20,000 pictures with it. Many of my more interesting recent exposures from it have been timed exposures (since I feel like I’ve already taken a lot of the standard pictures I can take within the bounds of my regular life here).

I’ve had problems with my camera crashing and doing wierd things. Also, if I use automatic settings (not that common nowadays if I prepare the frame), the sky isn’t blue. It is more like white (even on a non cloudy day). Apparently that is a side effect of it having a weak filter against IR and UV radiation.

AKA, it is the best digital Nikon out there for UV photography (given hard-to-find specialised lenses). So once I get some money, perhaps instead of buying a newer Nikon DSLR, I will go ahead and buy some specialised lenses I’ve wanted for awhile. Like fisheye lenses and lenses to better record architecture.

Newer Nikon cameras have filters that make the sky look better, but make the creative UV and IR photos look not-so-great (see the D200 review on the same site for a stark example).


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