Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden 海南熱帶野生動植物園

By greenteapanda

February 25, 2007

Category: Animals

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Yesterday, I finally made it to the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park. It has two sections – a part you can walk through like an ordinary zoo, and a part where you drive a car though. In my case, since I took the bus there, I had to pay 10RMB to take a minibus through the car section. The minibus only stopped in two places, and most of the animals in that part can also be seen in nicer settings in the pedestrian section of the park.

The prices on the website were incorrect – current regular price is 85RMB, or 43RMB if you are a student (or if you fall into some other special category). For that price, a saw a lot of animals I can see in zoos in other mainland cities, but I could see them a lot closer. You can enter the monkey area, and get within a meter of the monkeys (before they run away).

There are not warnings in certain places that should have warnings. Somebody else wanted to take my picture with an ostrich. I knew from experience that the fact it not only was unafraid of my camera, but that it approached my camera eagerly that I should not get too close. But they wanted me closer, and in that very short amount of time, the ostrich plucked my sunglasses right off my head and tossed them onto the ground.

There was also a warning in the pedestrian area about an endangered plant that was extremely poisonous. It said if you touch the plant, it will cause your heart to slow down, eventually to the point of death. This sign did not actually show a picture of the said plant, so it wasn’t clear which plant would cause the problems. The zoo makes a lot of fuss about the "liger" they have (a cross between a tiger and a lion), but the area for the liger wasn’t clearly marked. I only knew what it was because there were pictures of the liger’s birth and related newspaper articles on billboards about it near the area.

Finally, there was an "animal" show. It consisted of one man and some monkeys. One of the monkeys was always up to no good, like stealing the man’s hat. It was obviously choreographed, but the monkeys often did their own thing. The trainer would then pull out a BB gun to shoot the monkey. It would behave then, but I don’t think of it as something that is appropriate to control animals with in a supposedly quadruple A rated animal park.

Notes if you want to take the bus to the park from Haikou City: Take bus A, B, 9, 11, 14, 18, 19, 33, 35, 42 or 45 to the 琼山 stop (probably 1元). Then take a nearby bus that goes from 府城(琼山)to 东山. Tell the person in the bus you want to go to the zoo, the cost for that is 7元 per person and takes about 1 hour.


One Response to “Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden 海南熱帶野生動植物園”

  1. hello, nice to see your blog and get some information about the wild life park. I am doing work and writing article about Haidou. do you like Hainan. I am studying in this island in Sanya. Have you been to Sanya? also a big tourism city. tropical weather is quite good , and winter here is warm.sorry to disturb you in your blog, i just search information in BAIDU engine, and then i do not know how i enter this blog. anyway, it is nice to read your experience and share your happiness. you came here 3 years ago,and i bet you had a good journey. sincerely, Mollyqf

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