First time driving a scooter, first time surfing 第一次開小型摩托車、衝浪

First time driving a scooter:
I have driven a motorcycle before, but never a scooter. The positives – it uses very little fuel, quick to start up, convenient to park, . I paid about $2US to fill up half the tank (since it was only half full when the guesthouse handed over the keys for me to use). The fuel needle has yet to budge from full marker, despite 50km of riding today. The negatives – small wheels, poor turning radius, brakes that seem worse than my bicycle in Hainan, high susceptibility to cross winds, and turning right tends to cause my hand to give the scooter more gas (not what I want in a sharp blind corner!). I rode around the southern tip of Taiwan, and I often had to go slower than the speed limit to compensate for the possibility the gusts of wind my blow my bike off the road if I drove at the speed limit.
First time surfing:
One might expect that I would have surfed before, given that I could see the beach from my home growing up. And the fact that beach has at least 60 good surfing days a year (though everyday hardcore surfers catch waves). Nonetheless, I didn’t actually do it until this trip to Taiwan. When I went, the waves weren’t that big, so I didn’t catch any waves I could stand up on my surfboard. But I did catch a few. Today was like using a glorified boogie board. Tomorrow, I hope to stand up. It is an awesome workout. The swimming really exercises the arms. Attempts to stand up quickly to catch the waves exercise my legs. I also used my legs to swim with the board. Normally, you want to stay on top of the board, but the wind was very high speed when I went, so out of the water felt much colder than being in the water. Taking breaks – relaxing on the beach, talking to the few Taiwanese surfer guys and surfer girls. The scenery seems a lot like Southern California, minus the manmade structures on land and minus the people. The place I went on the southern tip of Taiwan (east coast) had 10 surfers, including me. Surfing seems like it will take off in Taiwan soon.

2 Responses to “First time driving a scooter, first time surfing 第一次開小型摩托車、衝浪”

  1. Driving a scooter sounds fun. On the JET promotional videos, one of the teachers used scooters. I\’d get a Vespa if I could in the city, but they can\’t go on the subways. I\’ve never surfed or ridden a scooter, but both things seem fun. Surfing seems a bit scary, since my swimming ability is just average. Might be good to have some friends around while doing it, just for precaution.

  2. At a lot of places, you don\’t really need to be a strong swimmer to begin surfing. You do need powerful legs to jump on the board as soon as you catch a wave, though. The strength in arms will come quickly. What you really need is strategy – there will be a place in the ocean where waves don\’t really form. That is a rip current, which pulls you out to sea. You can use that to get out, away from the beach, then swim across to where the waves are breaking.
    Of course you should do it with friends, in case something goes wrong. And be careful of all the rocks!

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