So much for a new network

The network people finally came to my dorm room today. They installed a new box that said "China Telecom" on it. This box has a phone jack. They did not use the space on the existing panel labeled "China Netcom". So it seems the University is only switching ADSL providers. The people in the dorm will not have the ability to just plug in a network cable and surf the net. That is, if they ever finish the repairs to the underseas cables.


2 Responses to “So much for a new network”

  1. China netcom? There is/was a Netcom that started out in the United States and made fat wads of cash, according to a video of a young CEO, Sky Dayton giving an entrepreneurship talk at USC. 
    This guy:
    He owns a large part of Earthlink, but I Netcom and Earthlink merged at some point…
    He started with an invester initially buying %40 of the company for $100,000 then it took off…six months later %15 more was bought for the same $100, 000. I wonder if China Netcom bears any relation to the US Netcom.

  2. No relation. China Netcom is the second-largest fixed-line telecommunications company in China. They recently made a deal with Verizon (before the earthquake) to build a much higher-speed cable between China and the USA. I personally wonder if it will go through the same region that affected all the other cables…

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