Falling trash

I recently watched the movie Idiocracy. Part of it can be seen in one of my previous entries. In that movie, in the year 2505, there are mountains and mountains of garbage because there is no other place to put it. On the IMDB, I saw several comments from people saying they would not be surprised if the USA resembled that world in only 10 years (stupidity, lack of sanitation, etc). I wouldn’t guess that it would go that fast, or that the USA would be the first to resemble a garbage dump.
The People’s Republic of China definitely has a leg up on the garbage goal. Many people don’t bother to actually place trash in trash or recycling bins (though there are many available).  The cold noodle place I usually go to places cold noodles in a bag that is placed over a bowl (so the bowl can be reused without washing). After I finish eating, they throw the bag on the ground, right next to the food cart.
The worst, though, is where people live. It is desirable to live on a high floor not only because it has a nice view, but also because it minimizes the amount of trash to go past your window. Lots of people seem to think the best way to get rid of trash is to throw it out the window. So when I take a certain shortcut to get to my own dormitory faster, my friends don’t usually want to come along. The shortcut is littered with trash, being right next to another overcrowded dormitory. My friends have known people that got rained on by trash and/or wastewater taking the shortcut. So far I have avoided trash landing on my head. But I am probably pushing my luck…

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