New Year’s Resolutions 新年決心

By greenteapanda

January 1, 2007

Category: Education

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Happy New Year!
My resolutions for this year, in random order:
1. Achieve HSK level 6. It hasn’t been my reading/writing skills, but rather my terrible listening that is hurting me. My school seems to think I am good enough for the Advanced Chinese class. There is some grade/level description inflation there. I won’t make that jump unless I can get my spoken Chinese up to that level.
2. Stop using Windows. I plan to buy a Mac sometime this year (just not in mainland China! one with a Korean or Taiwan Zhuyin keyboard would be nice). However, I will still keep this Samsung laptop as long as it works.That means I will be moving it from Windows to Linux. Perhaps this month after I am done with finals.There are basically two programs I use on Windows that aren’t on Linux – QQ and Wenlin. Wenlin eventually plans to release a Linux version of their software. I hope soon. The current solution for Linux doesn’t work so well. But if I have my Mac, Wenlin already works on that (and actually works better than it does on Windows).
3. Begin to learn Korean. I want to eventually be fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in addition to the western languages I am already familiar with. By learning Korean, I can learn the grammar necessary to use Japanese effectively. Korean and Japanese grammar are both almost exactly the same. I still have a large mass of Japanese vocabulary that I can’t use until I learn some grammar to stick it in.
4. Care more for the people I know. I want to involve the people close to me as much as possible in important life decisions, so that my decisions will be mutually beneficial. Though I do want to improve my financial situation this year, it will take more than money to help all the people I want to help.
5. Do a better job caring for my body. I can’t help others unless I help myself first. My recent neck strains make it hard to effectively help people at times. I will eat more fruit, exercise more, and meditate more. Get a place that doesn’t have such a terrible bed.
6. Figure out my medium-term educational goals. What I want to study and where.
7. Read more. Not webpages, but actual books. Both Chinese and English.
8. Teach other people to teach themselves. One of the great things about MIT was the fact that the teachers were so horrible, I had to figure out how to do things out on my own. Greater creativity and drive seems to equal a better life.

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