Onwards and upwards

By greenteapanda

December 29, 2006

Category: Education

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This has been a good week for me, education-wise. I can’t access most foreign websites, so my Internet usage is mainly constricted to what actually helps my Chinese study. I often look at how vocabulary and grammar are used so I know how to use them properly in my own writing.

There is much room for me to improve my speaking and listening skills, but I have gotten perfect marks for reading and writing throughout the week. Luckily for me, this week continues tomorrow and Sunday. Then I get three days off. Then two days of class. Then a weekend, then final exams.

One of the reading passages gave me some good ideas to promote certain Chinese people I know to learn some English. The story concerned a man and his wife, both from a rural village. The man had a position as a government official, but the wife was completely illiterate. To get her to begin studying, the government official had a coworker make a letter with perfume on it. The letter stated that it was a ruse to make the wife think she was being cheated on. But since she couldn’t read the letter, she couldn’t prove it until she learned to read.

I assume that coworker of the government official still could have been up to no good, because the wife would probably need to learn English to understand her. After all, this letter was signed by somebody named "Melinda" (too many syllables to possibly be a Chinese name!) As for me, English letters will be a powerful tool , even if certain Chinese people can’t read them, initially…


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