Cheap housing

By greenteapanda

December 25, 2006

Category: Living

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While in many ways China is apparently modernising itself, in others it doesn’t seem to be at all. When I was in Kunming, I often found it amusing that old buildings would be torn down, only to be replaced by newer buildings of the same size. These newer buildings might have a more colourful exterior, but otherwise had no discernable benefits. In fact, the quality of materials was probably worse than the building that was replaced (metal pipes replaced by flimsy PVC pipes, for example).
Hainan went through a building boom back in the 1990s. A bubble formed, and all investment was stopped. There are many buildings in various states of construction. Quite a few were finished, but have never been occupied. A lot of them were targetted at foreigners that would have lots of money to burn.Construction continues. As long as they are building overpriced buildings, they could at least do it the Dubai way – make the buildings interesting. Make buildings that rotate, for example.
Given my disappointment with all the Christmas decorations in front of the dormitory, not to mention inconveniences like a midnight curfew, I have decided to move off the school grounds. The price will actually be less to get a new apartment off campus, with nice furnishings. I can thank the developers that have created a huge glut of housing in Hainan. Cheaper even than Kunming (while prices on most other things are significantly higher here). The final price will probably be similar, mainly because buildings off campus have miscellaneous fees that must be paid, like elevator fees. Haven’t had an elevator in my building in China before. The bed might actually be good to sleep on as well.

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