The gift of chili peppers

Almost every weekday, I go to my favourite Cold Noodle vendor to eat cold noodles for lunch. The clientele is often quite different, but they are almost always surprised by the amount of chili pepper the owners of the cart add to my noodles. "He is a foreigner! There is no way he can eat that much chili pepper!"
I always prove them wrong.
The owners know my love of chili peppers, so they always make sure they have made it spicy enough for me (unlike most places in the west, where it is virtually impossible to get a dish that is sufficiently spicy). The other day, they also gave me a jar of chili paste they made themselves. It is waaaaaaaaaaaay more powerful than the chili pepper one can buy in the supermarket.
If this were a western country, supermarkets would be concerned about getting lawsuits from people that had heart attacks or other health problems resulting from the consumption of this chili paste. Thankfully China has no such restrictions.

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