Double-faced about religion

By greenteapanda

December 23, 2006

Category: Living

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I’m not a Christian, and the assumption that all westerners are Christian is rather annoying.
Especially when they add a huge Christmas scene in front of the foreign student dorm to reinforce the incorrect stereotype. Not to mention the fact that the few students that actually are Christian are not here to see it.
I thought I came to an atheist country, but apparently not. There is a certain amount of irony – in the USA, I could sue the school for such a religious display on public property (all universities in China are run and owned by the government). They don’t have displays for Buddha’s Birthday, for Judaism, etc. But here, there is no recourse to point out the government is not following its own guidelines regarding religion.
It would be one thing if they were using extra batches of plastic Christimas trees and other things made in Chinese factories, but when they make a point of painting things on the windows regarding Christmas, you know it is intentional.

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