Erasing my music

By greenteapanda

December 19, 2006

Category: Music

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Not so long ago, I got a refurb iPod Shuffle. It was cheap, and it also serves as a handy USB key. But there is one thing it is very poor at – maintaining its music library.
You see, I normally keep my music on an external hard disk (given the tiny amount of space my laptop has). So I connect that, connect the iPod Shuffle, and then select the music I want to put on. After it is said and done, I disconnect the external hard drive.
Today I found out that if I connect the iPod Shuffle on my own computer (while the external music drive is disconnected), where it is synced to the library on my computer, it deletes all the music! It doesn’t see the external drive is connected, so I deletes everything (maybe assuming I no longer own that music). Not only does it delete all the files, it deletes all the references to the files. So if I don’t maintain a copy of my playlist in iTunes, I have to set everything up all over again!
 I wonder if this is one of the stupid restrictions pushed on Apple by the music companies. Speaking of which, I haven’t bought any music on iTunes, nor do I plan to.

One Response to “Erasing my music”

  1. I never really used iTunes either. Except when the peer-to-peer software, Cabos for Mac OS X, couldnt find those few rare new releases. My old iPod mini was very useful as a music player, but it did some weird things when I tried using it as a storage device. Maybe the iPod shuffle will be the next thing to get. Who really needs 5000 songs or however many on the big iPod, on an hour subway ride anyhoo. Maybe I will eBay one in Jan.

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