Another reason to go to Chinese prison

By greenteapanda

December 17, 2006

Category: Education

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I have always been curious about what a Chinese prison would be like if I went there. It would be kind of interesting to find out, and also to have the street cred of having been in a Chinese prison. It would work well for certain NGO jobs that fight for human/environmental rights.
But there is a more concrete benefit – I could study Chinese there! Not sure if I would have to pay for my prison time, but it does seem like it would be quite a bit cheaper than going to universities here in China.
Not sure about prison food though – I assume it would have the same horrible grades of meat I see in the school cafeteria. One time I saw a Vipassana video of Vipassana meditation in Indian prisons, and was envious of the fact the prisoners get curry day in and day out. I can’t get any proper curry in Hainan!

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