Travel breath

By greenteapanda

November 23, 2006

Category: Travel

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In the past few years, I have lost the ability to travel by air without:
  • Having my bag checked 10 million times between the time I get to the airport and the time I enter the plane.
  • The ability to transit US Airports (and certain Asian airports) quickly.
  • To bring two up-to-70-lb bags to/from the USA.
  • To bring my shaver on the plane.
… and because of the terrorists last summer, no gels or liquids. So it is now suddenly that much harder to bring things that leak profusely (pickle jars with lots of pickles!) in my luggage.
But the worst is that I can’t even have the secure feeling of having decent breath! I just flew an airline, and while they had toothpaste, it was not enough. It had sugar in it. It was nowhere near as effective as Crest or Darlie toothpaste. And to be with other people on the plane who are generally very well groomed, it doesn’t help conversation if both people are constantly aware that they have terrible breath.
The so-called terrorists haven’t fazed me before. If I meet one, they will get what they deserve. But it wasn’t until now that they pissed me off.

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