Quality of architecture

As you may well know, I have many architecture books. Even a few in Chinese. But not a single one concerns China.
With my background, I expect to meet people that don’t realize the importance of certain aspects of architecture on their lives – such as lighting, wall colors, plants to filter dust, etc. Even so, I still find it amazing how few people I meet in China recognize the importance of these things. After all, feng shui came from China. A lot of people consider it to be important. But I don’t think many common people actually learn it for themselves. Even discarding the spiritual aspects, there are many things in feng shui that just plain make logical sense.
Which is all to say, if I decide to put my roots down somewhere in China, I am going to do my very best to design and build my own residence. Unless architecture schools/civil engineers/construction companies here get their act together in making buildings that are truly livable. Not places that people somehow cope with to live inside of.

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