Mosquito software

Being in Hainan, there aren’t any seasons I can simply avoid mosquitos. They are always around. They always love to bite me. Sometimes they even find ways to get inside the mosquito net over my bed.
Yesterday I remembered seeing something about a Thai programmer that wrote a computer program that emits a special sound. That sound doesn’t kill mosquitos, but it somehow makes them stay still and unable to fly. After some searching, I found the software I was looking for (though a Mac version would be nice).
After downloading, I tried it out. The mosquitos in my room didn’t completely stop, but they became so slow that squishing them became quite easy. They also stopped trying to bite me. The only downside is the sound. It is kind of like the old-style CRT TVs when they are on. Even if the volume is muted, there is a sound you are aware of (and hence know the TV is on, even if you aren’t looking directly at it).
But if it means no bug bites, I can’t complain. In fact, I am quite happy about it.

2 Responses to “Mosquito software”

  1. My friend Tony also mentioned about the mosquito problem when he visited in China. It must be very annoying.

  2. Annoying anywhere that has warm weather and water for mosquitos to breed in. Female mosquitos use the blood from bites to lay eggs. Lots of people around here to serve that purpose… even though Hainan is relatively unpopulated compared to other parts of mainland China…

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