By greenteapanda

November 6, 2006

Category: Education

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Mysteriously, one of the application websites I needed to be able to access to apply to a certain school has become unblocked in China. But I don’t know if it has been accidentally unblocked or purposely unblocked. Which has meant spending time filling that out rather than doing my Chinese schoolwork. I could be studying for my mid-term next week, but applying to school is more important in the long-term.
In any case, in class, we had to write characters. The teacher would say a definition in Chinese, then a student that was picked would write the word on the board (also in Chinese). The words come from a list that should have been studied before class. Many students hadn’t, so I ended up helping a lot of them. So when it was my turn at the board, the teacher picked words that were not on the list (but were in the text). After the meaning was clear, I was able to write the words. So maybe that mid-term won’t require too much study, at least to perform at the same level as most of my classmates.

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