Tea withdrawl

Today, I got by drinking almost no tea. It would have been none, but I ate at a jiaozi shop. They usually have soy milk there. But this time, the only thing to drink was their tea. So I had half a cup or so.
Anyhow, up until today, I have been drinking lots of tea. The tea in question is green tea from here in China. The taste is pretty good. But when I go to the toilet, the liquid that comes out is the same color as the tea that goes in. That doesn’t happen with any other kind of tea I drink – it seems to indicate the presence of chemicals to make the tea appear normal, even if it isn’t.
So today, I’ve been going through tea withdrawl. Though it might be more appropriate to say a withdrawl from all the nasty chemicals in this tea. I never had any withdrawl symptoms from stopping tea drinking when I was in Japan.

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