Studying for the sake of what?

By greenteapanda

November 3, 2006

Category: Education

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I came across this article about a student who went from Qinghua to study in Hong Kong. Everything was paid for, but he felt quite alone. His schooling had no prepared him for many of the things one finds in the real world. It hadn’t even prepared him to use the skills he had learnt in any appreciable way.
The last paragraph has gold: If you tell a Hong Kong person that you are 28 and studying for a doctorate, they will think that you are a loser who can’t make any money.  The Hong Kong students who stay behind to get a doctorate are those who genuinely love to do research in a realistic sense.

I have met tons of people in mainland China that want to earn money for the sake of earning money. Before they didn’t have it, so now they want to get their hands on as much as they can. But for what? Many of them want to be a company boss. But they don’t think about the industry, the implications of their actions on other people, or if such a position is really one that will bring them closer to happiness.
The irony of seeing this yesterday, when I was informed one of my best friends got into a certain very prestigious University, is that my friend will probably run into the same difficulties as that former Qinghua student. Then make tons of money. And then finally, having lived through such important experiences, finally understand what he has been studying for years, and its application to the real world. And thus finding true happiness…

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