How to be a beggar

By greenteapanda

November 2, 2006

Category: Living

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Almost every place I go (except for Japan, where they are too embarassed), there are beggars asking for money. A lot of them are fraudulent. But I think all of them could learn from this WikiHow on "How to Ask for Money on the Streets". I am not sure how many of these beggars can actually go on the Internet though. It seems like the beggars in Amsterdam are the most likely to have read the rules.
Meanwhile, a lot of the beggars in the USA are pretty rude if you don’t give them money (even if you give them something else, like food – which is what I usually do to ensure they are not using that money for nefarious purposes).
In China, they often don’t give up. You try to eat outside, but they keep pestering you. As the foreigner, I have used this opportunity to say "Thank you" and them temporarily take away their plate of money. After giving it back a bit later, I have never had to take their plate of money away again…

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