Enforcing traffic rules on behalf of the Chinese

Apparently China has some traffic rules. They aren’t often enforced for various reasons.
When the bike lane is wide enough, cars will sometimes drive down the bike lane. Sometimes the wrong way. Sometimes they will park in the bike lane. So I was happy to see there is at least one foreign woman doing something about it. When I was in Kunming, there were a few times where cars came into the bike lane. My response was to block them. Since there were many places the bike lane was separated from the main road, I didn’t stop. I just rode my bike very slooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwly. They usually got the hint.
In Hainan, it is quite obvious most people on bikes have no license to ride or drive anything. So I often end up riding in car traffic. People often honk, despite the fact I usually ride faster than they drive their cars.
Out of all the things the government tries to make money on, I am surprised they don’t try to make money on traffic violations by cars. China has copied the USA in many ways, but making traffic violations big business is not one of them. Maybe it is because people with cars are probably well connected. So give the job to me. I will have no mercy for cars breaking traffic laws.

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