Halloween ideas

Halloween is nothing important in China, but I think it has the potential to be… in the land where tea originated, I am kind of surprised nobody has ever dressed up as a box of Lipton tea bags. I certainly find those to be scary. The alternatives  (as in unbagged) tea are both cheaper and tastier.
Another idea would be to dress up as a bottled tea. There is only one brand I’ve seen around here that lacks added sugar. All the other ones are plain scary. For a country that gets a sense of togetherness for noting all the wrongs Japan has done in the past, they ignore a good thing it does now. Like the fact so many teas in Japan do not have added sugar.
Finally, a non sugar idea – why not dress up as a bottle of Chinese baijiu? It is the most repulsive alcoholic drink imaginable. Other countries have great hard liquor. But baijiu seems to be an attempt to help alcoholics hit bottom so they will never drink again.

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