Worthless Statues

By greenteapanda

October 30, 2006

Category: Travel

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It turns out many of my classmates were unimpressed with the amount of things seen over a two-day field trip.
Also, I was not alone in things I did not take pictures of. There was a Mao Zedong statue in front of the memorial for some other completely-irrelevant-to-Mao-Zedong historical figure. The guides said we could take pictures of that. Nobody did.
In fact, I would like proof that Mao Zedong actually ever set foot on Hainan Island. For a long time, it was neglected, since the Chinese government thought it would be the first place attacked in a war with Vietnam. And a war did happen, though there wasn’t really anything to attack on Hainan. When Hainan became a province in 1988, funds started pouring in. I doubt that had anything to do with Mao Zedong.
This is Hainan, so I want to see statues of relevant historical figures. Or ones that are made up. There are plenty of stories that could be made up to explain all the wonderful fruits here, all the people that climb coconut trees, or something concerning all the wonderful seafood here. None of those stories involve Mao Zedong.

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